Portland is changing in a very fast pace, introducing new people, new cultures, new structures, and new ideas. These changes can create a lot of friction in the community concerning the past, present, and future of the city. R/GA recently opened its new Portland office and wanted to create an experience to connect with the community — old and new. The asks were to create a work of art for the office wall, create an experience that could be scalable from analog to digital media, and make it cool and engaging.

CLIENT: R/GA Portland



The apprentice team worked closely together to research all about Portland's history, environment, demographics, and community through primary (exploring spaces and interviewing people) and secondary (internet and other literature) research. After compiling our research, we developed mind maps to visually see our preconceived thoughts about Portland. Since we were all not from Portland and were not very familiar it yet, we needed to check our assumptions before creating a strategy on how to tackle this project. The insights we found from our research were that Portland is changing at a very fast pace, change can be scary, change can be exciting, and that creativity thrives on change. 



We had several rounds of ideations and refinements where we worked closely with our mentors to figure out the best way to engage the community. Some of our ideas were a "magnetic poetry board" that uses trending twitter conversations and selects key words to create a different way of talking about topics that may be controversial; another was a "doodle-fight board" where people can quickly scribble their opinions and thoughts about two distinctly different topics represented by images; and another was a "crytograph generator" where a person answers a prompt into a mic which creates a digital artifact in exchange for participating.



After rounds of ideation, we morphed a little bit of our ideas and decided to create a digital time capsule experience. The questions we ask will correspond to a data set that will be represented by an abstract visual. These visuals add up together throughout the experience and creates a unique digital artifact by recording a voice memo which distorts the image. The image above were some ideations on how these visuals could look like.



We went through several rounds of experimenting, wireframing, and prototyping. Unfortunately, the apprentice team ran out of time to execute our project, but accomplished to make a capstone video and some code that translates sound data into visuals. We all learned so much about Portland, team work, and ourselves during this whole process. 


Ridan Arellano - Visual Design
Grace Moore - Experience Strategy
Camila Portillo - Producer
Aaron Davidoff - Copywriter
Bradley Inniss - Technologist